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Discovery made during archaeological excavations prior to National Roads Company Highway 1 upgrade. According to archaeologists, the church was part of an ancient road station frequented by travelers between Jerusalem and the coastal plain. Archaeological excavations near Highway 1 Jerusalem—Tel Aviv , at the entrance to Abu Gosh, have uncovered a large Byzantine-period road station that included a church. Initiated and funded by the National Roads Company, the excavations were conducted while upgrading and widening the highway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The current excavation season uncovered a church measuring about 16 m in length. The church includes a side chapel 6. Fragments of red-colored plaster found in the rubble strewn throughout the building showed that the church walls had been decorated with frescoes. To the west of the church were rooms that were probably used as dwelling quarters and for storage.

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Download Citation | Towards a re-dating of Pompey’s conquest of Jerusalem | The date of Pompey’s conquest of Jerusalem is examined in light of the accounts​.

All relevant specimen numbers for the samples have been included within the manuscript and Supporting Information files. Radiocarbon dating is rarely applied in Classical and Post-Classical periods in the Eastern Mediterranean, as it is not considered precise enough to solve specific chronological questions, often causing the attribution of historic monuments to be based on circumstantial evidence.

This research, applied in Jerusalem, presents a novel approach to solve this problem. Integrating fieldwork, stratigraphy, and microarchaeology analyses with intense radiocarbon dating of charred remains in building materials beneath Wilson’s Arch, we absolutely dated monumental structures to very narrow windows of time—even to specific rulers.

The theater-like structure is dated to the days of Emperor Hadrian and left unfinished before — AD. Through this approach, it is possible to solve archaeological riddles in intensely urban environments in the historical periods. The eye-catching classical architecture in the Mediterranean Basin was constructed by or during the reigns of historically documented figures. Other than the plain pleasure of knowing which stone belongs to whose days, these structures can fill in gaps in our understanding of historical processes and events, that is, when correctly dated.

Surprisingly though, in most cases, the dating of the monuments has been based on material culture correlations, coins, and texts, whereas radiocarbon dating has rarely been applied to date urban architectural complexes. Where constructional timbers have been found, dendrochronology is a useful tool [e.

Catholic Church dating back 1,500 years discovered between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

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ON THE UMAY YAD DATING OF THE DOUBLE GATE IN JERUSALEM from which they spring, as well as their respective decorations, must be Herodian in.

The missing years in the Hebrew calendar refer to a chronological discrepancy between the rabbinic dating for the destruction of the First Temple in BCE Anno Mundi [1] and the academic dating of it in BCE. Thiele had determined from the biblical texts that Nebuchadnezzar’s initial capture of Jerusalem occurred in the spring of BCE, [3] while other scholars, including William F. Albright , more frequently dated the event to BCE.

According to the Bible, Nebuchadnezzar installed Zedekiah as king after his first siege, [5] and Zedekiah ruled for 11 years before the second siege resulted in the end of his kingdom. Since Judah’s regnal years were counted from Tishrei in autumn, this would place the end of his reign and the capture of Jerusalem in the summer of BCE. A variety of rabbinic sources state that the Second Temple stood for years. Adding 70 years between the destruction of the First Temple and the construction of the Second Temple, it follows that the First Temple was destroyed in around BCE.

This date is approximately years later than the accepted year of or BCE. This discrepancy is referred to as the “missing years”. According to the Talmud [13] and Seder Olam Rabbah , [14] the Second Temple stood for years, with the years divided up as follows:. The figure of years is derived from the prophecy of seventy weeks in Daniel —27, which the rabbis interpreted as referring to a period of years which would pass between the destructions of the First and Second Temple – 70 years between the Temples, plus years of the Second Temple, starting in the 71st year after the destruction.

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Eric W. Baker , Andrews University Follow. This research investigates the relationship between eschatology and the Jerusalem temple within the second temple period. This research investigates the role of the Jerusalem temple within the second temple Jewish writings to establish whether the Jerusalem temple has any role to play in relation to the end of the exile and the beginning of the eschaton.

Previous analyses of second temple Judaism have not focused on the role of the Temple in eschatology.

The recent excavations of the Cardo Maximus in Jerusalem, directed by Professor Nahman. Avigad, shed entirely new light on the urban structure of the ancient.

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Radiometric dating of the Siloam Tunnel, Jerusalem

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Radiocarbon Dating and Cosmogenic Isotopes Laboratory Kimmel Center for Archaeological Science Weizmann Institute of Science Rehovot , Israel, and.

The historical credibility of texts from the Bible is often debated when compared with Iron Age archaeological finds refs. Modern scientific methods may, in principle, be used to independently date structures that seem to be mentioned in the biblical text, to evaluate its historical authenticity. In reality, however, this approach is extremely difficult because of poor archaeological preservation, uncertainty in identification, scarcity of datable materials, and restricted scientific access into well-identified worship sites.

Because of these problems, no well-identified Biblical structure has been radiometrically dated until now. Here we report radiocarbon and U-Th dating of the Siloam Tunnel [3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10], proving its Iron Age II date; we conclude that the Biblical text presents an accurate historic record of the Siloam Tunnel’s construction. Being one of the longest ancient water tunnels lacking intermediate shafts [11, 12], dating the Siloam Tunnel is a key to determining where and when this technological breakthrough took place.

Siloam Tunnel dating also refutes a claim [13] that the tunnel was constructed in the second century bc. The Siloam Tunnel carries water into ancient Jerusalem from the only perennial spring of the region, the Gihon Fig. This tunnel has attracted the attention of many scholars, who have yet to solve some of its mysteries [3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13]. Most scholars ascribe the Siloam Tunnel to King Hezekiah bc , following the biblical verses 2 Kings , 2 Chronicles ,4 narrating that this Judahite king constructed a waterwork that “brought water into the city”.

In addition to the biblical record, the Siloam Tunnel’s association with Hezekiah also relies on the palaeography and philology of the monumental Siloam inscription found close to the Siloam Tunnel’s outlet refs 14, 15 and references therein. However, the name of King Hezekiah is not mentioned in the inscription, unlike other monumental inscriptions of the Levant, which often praised monarchs for their architectural achievements.

If the assumed date of the inscription is correct, it can still be argued that the inscription could be a later copy of a literary narrative, such as the ‘Chronicles of the Kings of Judah’, so the Siloam Tunnel itself may be older than the inscription. Such a view could be supported by the unique style, differing from most other North-Semitic inscriptions [15].

Radiometric dating of the Siloam Tunnel, Jerusalem.

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Siloam Tunnel dating also refutes a claim [13] that the tunnel was constructed in the second century bc. The Siloam Tunnel carries water into ancient Jerusalem.

The metre-long church with a white mosaic floor had been decorated with frescoes, was near the well spring of Ein Naka and was surrounded by living and storage rooms, according to the Israel Antiquities Authority. It stood on an even older road, dating from the Roman era or before, just by the Abu Ghosh, near Jerusalem.

The font was modelled on a four-leafed clover, a symbol of the cross. Archaeologists who investigated the site also found oil lamps, coins, glass and marble vessels and fragments and mother-of-pearl shells. The dig is being financed by the National Roads Company which discovered the church. This road station ceased to be used at the end of the Byzantine period, although the road beside which it was built was renewed and continued to be in use until modern times.

Included in the services provided along the route were churches, such as the one recently uncovered at the entrance to Abu Gosh. The church includes a side chapel 6. She said fragments of red-painted plaster showed the church walls had been decorated with frescoes. Authorities will work together to preserve the site for future generations.

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